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Sat-Elite Intellian Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite VSAT Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Sea Tel Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Cisco Palma Mallorca
Sailor Cobham Logo: A Partnership Anchored in Excellence. This logo symbolizes our collaboration with Sailor Cobham, a leader in maritime communications technology, reflecting our commitment to providing only the best solutions to our clients. #SailorCobhamLogo #MaritimePartnership #SatEliteExcellence
Sat-Elite Pepwave Peplink Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite KVH Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Inmarsat Mallorca
Sat-Elite Iridium Palma Mallorca
Poynting Logo: Synergy in Cellular Excellence. This logo represents our partnership with Poynting, a leading cellular antenna manufacturer, underscoring our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art cellular solutions to our maritime clients. #PoyntingLogo #CellularExcellence #SatElitePartnership
Sat-Elite Kerio Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Technical Support: Where Expertise Meets Empathy. Our dedicated support team is always a call or click away, offering real-time solutions to your technical challenges. Experience the peace of mind that comes with having a happy, expert technician at your service. #SuperiorTechnicalSupport #HappyClients #MaritimeExpertise
Sat-Elite Team in Action: Dockside Excellence in VSAT Installations. Witness our skilled technicians meticulously working on a VSAT antenna, ensuring optimal performance and reliability for your maritime communications. #VSATInstallation #DocksideExcellence #SatEliteTeam

Navigating the Next Wave in Marine Connectivity

  • Revolutionizing Seas with advanced 5G, satellites (LEO, MEO, GEO), and SD-WAN.

  • Expertise & Innovation in marine builds, refits, and technical support.

  • Precision Engineering for global excellence and tailored solutions.

  • Seamless Delivery with professional project management.

  • Advanced Training & Support to empower your crew.

  • Rigorous Testing ensuring system reliability at sea.

  • Clear Documentation for easy management and upgrades.

  • Always Connected with 24/7 remote monitoring and assistance.

Sat-Elite Team in Action: Your Experts in the Field. This image captures our dedicated team in a shipyard, alongside our fully-equipped work van, ready to deliver unparalleled maritime solutions. Experience the Sat-Elite difference. #SatEliteTeam #ShipyardReady #WorkVan


Sat-Elite is an engineer-run end-to-end marine communications technical consultancy and hardware supplier. We take full control of design, project delivery and support in Satellite Communications, 5G and IT networks.


  • RELIABLE - whether it be advice on the phone, remote support or travel to the vessel, we are there to assist you every time


  • DEDICATED - Our team consists of passionate & dedicated engineers. We enjoy a challenge and will go the extra mile to accommodate your needs whatever the requirement


  • EXPERIENCED - we have over 15 years knowledge and field experience with crucial product knowledge and trick of the trade techniques to design, install and repair marine communications and IT systems


  • VALUE FOR MONEY - our expert experience allows us to implement solutions and problem solve complex issues efficiently and to the time schedules of the boat. We get in and get the job done!


  • SUPPORT - our specialty is remote support and onsite repairs. We will get you back up and running in no time!


  • UPGRADE - we can improve upon your current setup and even help you with the management company or boss to justify why keeping up to date is essential

Come in for a friendly chat! Where to find us:

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