Yacht VSAT TVRO 4G IT Palma Mallorca


Sat-Elite completed a Communications and IT refit this year. The project was done very professionally and all systems are still working very well. The dedication and hard work put in has paid off well and I definitely recommend to use them” 

Sascha, Chief Engineer, Motor Yacht The Goose


Sat-Elite is an engineer-run company with over 15 years' field experience of global travel and vessel attendance. We have gained crucial product knowledge and trick of the trade techniques to design, install and repair marine communications systems within various different competitive environments, including Super Yacht, Cruise, Commercial Shipping and Oil & Gas. We focus on just Communications & IT because that's what we're experts in and that is how we like to keep it.


Sat-Elite Intellian Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Sailor Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Sea Tel Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite KVH Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Inmarsat Mallorca
Sat-Elite Iridium Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite VSAT Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite VSAT Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Cisco Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Pepwave Peplink Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Kerio Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Yacht Comms IT Palma Mallorca

About us

  • VSAT, 4G/5G Cellular, SD-WAN, WiFi Networks, TVRO

  • Project Management & Refits

  • 15 years field experience in marine Satellite, RF and IT Communications

  • Expert knowledge and an effective systematic approach to design, install and repair onboard systems

  • Absolute best solutions to fit client budget

  • Rapid support which can be deployed to anywhere in the world

  • Strong global partner network