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Unlocking Exceptional Value: What We Bring to Your Communications & IT network

Managed Services
Sat-Elite Team & Happy Yacht Crew: Celebrating Success in Mast Refitting. This photo captures the joy and satisfaction of both our team and the yacht crew after a successful project, setting a new standard in maritime installations. #SatEliteTeam #HappyYachtCrew #MastRefittingSuccess

🛠️ Managed Services Excellence: Benefit from top-tier managed services, consider us your dedicated Comms & IT crew, both at sea and ashore.

🤝 Unparalleled Client Support: Our support team leverages cutting-edge diagnostic tools to remotely resolve issues with unprecedented speed and accuracy. Your peace of mind is our highest priority.

🌐 Total Network Mastery: Gain unprecedented control over network interfaces and configurations, allowing for a highly customizable and agile environment.

🔒 Swift, Secure Access: One-click secure access to all networked WAN, IT, and AV devices, fortified by state-of-the-art encryption and authentication protocols.

🛡️ Fortified Security: Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), traffic policies, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities ensure a robust defense against cyber threats.

🔐 SASE-Infused EPIC: Our EPIC Firewall is more than just hardware; it's a cybersecurity stronghold fortified with real-time Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) updates.

🚫 Zero Trust: Implement strict access controls and identity verification protocols, rendering your network virtually impervious to unauthorized access.

🚀 Optimized Performance: Experience low-latency, high-throughput connectivity without compromising on security, thanks to our advanced bonding technology.

Successful Installation of VSAT & Dual Starlink Maritime Antennas: Pioneering the Future of Maritime Connectivity. This photo showcases our successful installation, highlighting our expertise in integrating multiple advanced communication systems for unparalleled connectivity at sea. #VSATandStarlink #MaritimeConnectivity #SatEliteSuccess

Why Choose Sat-Elite for Starlink & OneWeb integration?

  • Proven Integration Mastery: Our seasoned experts deftly weave Starlink and OneWeb into your maritime systems, bolstered by 5G and VSAT for robust and flexible connectivity.

  • Unleash the Power of EPIC SD-WAN: Experience unparalleled, rapid, and stable internet with our EPIC SD-WAN, guaranteeing seamless connectivity for all your crucial operations, including video calls. Gain mastery over your data and network landscape.

  • Multiple Starlink Bonding: We excel at bonding multiple Starlink connections together, optimising your internet speed and reliability for a superior connectivity experience.

  • Global Reach: We provide worldwide support, making sure you're covered no matter where your vessel sails.

  • Data Fortification: Rely on our solutions to provide ironclad security for your private information.

Starlink Integration
Successful Installation of Dual Poynting Omni-904 Antennas: Elevating 5G Connectivity at Sea. This photo showcases our successful installation, highlighting our expertise in 5G technology to provide unparalleled cellular connectivity in maritime environments. #PoyntingOmni904 #5GConnectivity #SatEliteSuccess


Reliable Dual Tech: Experience unwavering reliability and performance with our dual VSAT & TVRO antennas, complete with modem redundancy.


Seamless Starlink Fusion: Elevate your connectivity with Starlink's seamless installation and integration, complemented by bandwidth enhancement through 5G within a secure VPN.


Versatile 5G Connectivity: Choose from a wide array of 5G cellular setups – from Mimo/Diversity configurations and omnidirectional cell domes to advanced routers enabling multi-SIM streaming and data bonding, all secured via VPN.


Ironclad Cyber Defence: Our robust network solutions, including Kerio Control, ensure your operations are fully compliant with cyber security IMO standards.

Design & Installation


Radome Builds
Satellite Coverage Map for VSAT Airtime: Your Passport to Global Connectivity. This picture showcases the extensive coverage of our VSAT airtime services, ensuring you're always connected, no matter where you sail. #VSATAirtime #GlobalCoverage #SatEliteConnectivity


VSAT AIRTIME - We will select the best matched airtime service that 100% suits client needs based on bandwidth requirements, flexibility of contract, level of technical support & satellite coverage. Whether it be Pay As You Go or long-term contracts we partner with the best to make sure your vessel is looked after.


NEW LEO SERVICES - We closely follow the satellite industry and are happy to discuss new, game-changing technologies and services including LEO/MEO/GEO, the differences and expectations plus new hardware required to connect including integrations of Starlink Maritime


BACKUP L-BAND - Guidance on which services will be sufficient for your data and voice backup needs including Fleet Broadband and Iridium Certus


TV SUBSCRIPTION - Consultation on any TV subscription package including Sky UK, SKY Italia, DirecTV USA and Caribbean. We will let you know what equipment and setup is needed plus provide you with options for set top boxes and cards


5G SIM CARDS - We can indicate best hardware and setups for 4G & 5G technology at sea and in port. We offer regional and roaming SIM cards plus bandwidth aggregation


CYBER SECURITY - We partner with maritime cyber security specialists who will determine vulnerabilities in your network, train crew on risks, as well as offer hardware and engineering solutions to resolve weak spots in the network. Stay protected!

Sat-Elite Engineer Running Cables on a Yacht: Precision Meets Perfection. This photo captures our engineer in action, highlighting our dedication to meticulous cabling and superior installations, setting a new standard in maritime engineering. #SatEliteEngineer #PrecisionCabling #MaritimeExcellence
Cabling and Labeling of 5G Cell Router Installation: Where Detail Meets Excellence. This photo showcases our precision in cabling and labeling during a 5G cell router installation, setting a new benchmark in maritime 5G solutions. #5GCellRouter #PrecisionLabeling #SatEliteExcellence

Mastering the Veins of Maritime Connectivity

Our expertise extends beyond cutting-edge technology solutions to the very backbone of marine infrastructure: cabling, connections and testing. With years of hands-on experience, our team possesses an unparalleled mastery in shipboard cable installation. Navigating the unique complexities and challenges of marine environments, we ensure seamless, efficient, and secure cable layouts that stand the test of time.


Whether it's retrofitting vintage vessels or integrating into state-of-the-art ship designs, our exceptional cabling skills guarantee optimal performance, minimal interference, and a clean aesthetic.


Trust in our meticulous attention to detail, profound understanding of marine structures, cabling and test equipment—because when it comes to running cables on ships, we're in a league of our own.

Cable Analyser Equipment used by Sat-Elite Marine Communications to measure Return Loss and Distance to Fault
Cable Analysis Graphs showcasing Return Loss and Distance to Fault metrics by Sat-Elite Marine Communications

If you are experiencing strange performance issues with any of your systems it could very well be faults in the coaxial cables.


Signal reflections can occur where a percentage of signal being sent from system to antenna reflects back down the cable due to a number of potential causes.


These causes can include damaged/kinked cable, poorly terminated or bad quality connectors, cable water ingress, or even an issue in the hardware itself.


Using a Cable & Antenna Analyzer like the Anritsu Site master not only allows faults to be detected and resolved on-site however also allows minor problems to be noticed and rectified early before they become major problems. Tests include Distance-to-Fault, Return Loss, Insertion Loss and VSWR.


3d drawing_edited.png
3d mast drawing_edited.png

Mast & System drawings detail all connections and setups in the Navigation, Comms and IT network. 

A step by step guide on each system enables the Captain/ETO/Engineer to manage the systems with ease.

Information can be passed to new and rotational crew for a quicker and smoother handover.

Sat-Elite Yacht VSAT TVRO 4G IT


Need to test systems in action at sea?  This allows us to fully calibrate and fine tune your setup.

It also provides the opportunity to notice any obscure intermittent problems that may only present themselves when sailing.

Sea Trials
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