Sat-Elite VSAT Mallorca

Design & Installation

We create the best solutions for you based on your requirements and budget. With our team of specialists we project manage from start to finish and keep you fully informed every step of the way. We follow up all projects with drawings, step-by-step guides & crew training.
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Sat-Elite Yacht VSAT TVRO 4G IT

Urgent Repairs

Sat-Elite will resolve your issues:
  • Extensive field experience in troubleshooting 
  • Knowledge of known faults and bugs in different models of equipment and different softwares
  • Specialist test equipment & software to pinpoint complicated or intermittent problems
Sat-Elite Yacht VSAT TVRO 4G IT

Sea Trials

Need to test the antennas in action at sea?  This not only ensures that your system is correctly calibrated and fine-tuned, but provides the opportunity to notice any obscure intermittent problems that may only present themselves when sailing.

Sat-Elite Yacht VSAT TVRO 4G IT
Anritsu Site Master Certified

If you are experiencing strange performance issues with any of your systems it could very well be faults in the coaxial cables. Signal reflections can occur where a percentage of signal being sent from modem/router to antenna reflects back down the cable due to a number of potential causes. These causes can include damaged/kinked cable, poorly terminated or bad quality connectors, cable water ingress, or even an issue in the hardware itself.


Using a Cable & Antenna Analyzer like the Anritsu Site master not only allows faults to be detected and resolved on-site however also allows minor problems to be noticed and rectified early before they become major problems.