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Sat-Elite Intellian VSAT Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite VSAT Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Yacht VSAT Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Yacht VSAT Palma Mallorca

We are Intellian Offcial Partner and VSAT & TVRO experts in a range of marine industries including Yachting, Commercial Shipping, Cruise and Offshore.

Enquire on the latest VSAT models including:

  • Brand new XEO series - multi orbit (HEO/GEO/MEO/LEO) electronically switchable dual Ku and Ka band antenna

  • NX series - all new Aptus NX interface, multi-orbit antenna

  • GXNX models for connecting to Inmarsat Fleet Xpress

  • V240MT Gen II for connecting to GEO & MEO services, Tri-band auto switching between Ka, Ku and C bands



Brand new Intellian TV series antennas out now including:

  • T series: global TV services with unlimited azimuth & NX platform

  • S series: global TV services inlcuding simultaneous viewing of DirecTV HD Ku and Ka services in the USA

  • i series; A complete range of versatile and dependable 2-axis marine satellite TV antennas for the best small boat viewing experience at sea

We offer a wide range of Satellite TV setups including Dual antenna with mediator switchover (based on blockage and signal threshold), plus multiple IF distribution configurations for connecting to satellite receivers like SKY UK, SKY ITALIA and DIRECTV in Caribbean and USA.

Sat-Elite Cobham

Installation & Repair Specialists

Sat-Elite Yacht VSAT Sailor Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Yacht VSAT Sea Tel Palma Mallorca

Cobham Satcom specialists on entire product range including:

  • Legacy SEA TEL xx09MK3 VSAT

  • SEA TEL xx12 series VSAT: 5012 / 6012 with multiple BUC & power options

  • Brand new SEA TEL 1500 VSAT: The only 1.5 meter dual-band VSAT antenna with true Ku/ka switching in a single click. Multi-orbit connects to HEO, GEO, MEO and LEO satellites. Designed for performance and reliability with little to zero need for in-port maintenance

  • SEA TEL 2400 VSAT: a single antenna pedestal capable of supporting C Band, Ku Band and Ka Band in any combination. Capable of operating in any orbit LEO, MEO, GEO and HEO

  • SAILOR 600 and 1000XTR - operates on GEO satellites as well as forthcoming NGSO networks. It offers deep IoT capabilities
    which allow service technicians to take control with visibility into antenna health and incorporates a new secure software platform which reduces risk of hacking

  • SEA TEL ST100HD and ST120HD TVRO dual Ku and Ka band for connecting to DirecTV HD services

  • Legacy SEA TEL ST94 and ST144 TVRO

  • Brand new SEA TEL ST240 and ST370TV for larger cruise vessels. The stabilization platform has been updated to integrate the IMA Platform. It has undergone major tracking, reliability, stability allowing it to operate reliably in deep oceans




Sat-Elite Peplink
Sat-Elite Pepwave Peplink Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Pepwave Peplink Palma Mallorca
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Sat-Elite Pepwave Peplink Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Pepwave Peplink Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Pepwave Peplink Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Pepwave Peplink Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Pepwave Peplink Palma Mallorca

We have vast expertise with marine 4G/5G systems.


Our installations minimise RF signal loss and maximise performance giving a high quality of service.


With years of experience working alongside various manufacturers in antenna & cell router we have selected what we have found to be the best products on the market to offer clients.

We can aggregate ceullular connections together with Starlink for extra speed, reliability and security.


Wecan retrofit various gain antenna and router configurations inside existing VSAT or TVRO domes.

Sat-Elite Kerio Palma Mallorca

Prioritise bandwidth to Guests or Owner


kerio restrict.png
wan select.png

Allocate WANS e.g. Guests to 4G


Kerio Certified Dealer

Restrict or block applications


Protect your network from viruses, malware and malicious activity with Kerio Control. This easy-to-administer security solution includes a next-generation firewall and router, intrusion detection and prevention (IPS), gateway antivirus, VPN, web content and application filtering. These comprehensive capabilities, with unmatched deployment flexibility, make Kerio Control the ideal choice for small and mid-sized businesses and any size vessel.



Sat-Elite Cisco Palma Mallorca

We are Cisco certified. We design and implement entire Cisco networks on board yachts including Layer 2 & Layer 3 switches, wireless LAN controllers & latest WiFi 6E access points .


We can install redundancy in case of hardware/cable failure keeping you backed up 100% of the time.

Sat-Elite Cisco Palma Mallorca


System drawings and spreadsheets detail all connections and settings in the Yacht Comms and IT network. 

A step by step guide on each system enables the Captain/ETO/Engineer to manage the systems with ease.

Information can be passed to new and rotational crew for a quicker and smoother handover.

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