Sat-Elite Superyacht Communications Mallorca
Sat-Elite Superyacht Communications Mallorca

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We are a Direct-to-Client & B2B consultancy, based in Mallorca, Spain. We believe that purchasing product solutions is just the beginning. The most important part is making sure that the solution is implemented 100% correctly on the client vessel, running smooth from start to finish, whether it is a simple upgrade or repair all the way up to new build or complete refit. We have set standards for project delivery that ensure clients have the right bespoke solution based on requirements & budget. Systems are installed precisely according to specification, are correctly calibrated and fully tested. We make sure clients are left with clear drawings, documentation and extensive training. This enables the client to easily operate the system, perform basic troubleshooting and give proper handover to rotational crew. Finally we install secure remote access capabilities which allows for more advanced troubleshooting to be performed from on shore.


Sat-Elite Superyacht Communications Mallorca
Sat-Elite Superyacht Communications Mallorca
Sat-Elite Superyacht Communications Mallorca
Sat-Elite Superyacht Communications Mallorca
Superyacht Communications Mallorca

We keep you up to date with the latest technologies in VSAT, TVRO, Fleet Broadband & Iridium. Working closely with antenna manufacturers and industry experts we assure that our offered solutions are the best fit for your boat and that they will be future-proofed to work with new and emerging satellite technologies. Believe us when we say that satellite technology is changing rapidly so put your seat belt on! Trying to decide whether to go for Ku band, Inmarsat Fleet Xpress (Ka) or other Ka services? Click the button below and we will be happy to guide you.


Sat-Elite Superyacht Communications Mallorca
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Sat-Elite is certified in the most tested and proven brands in 4G/5G, wireless and network management & security. We work closely only with the brands we feel outshine any other in the marine industry. 

Yacht 4G 5G Mallorca

We pride ourselves in our knowledge and expertise in the latest 4G LTE and 5G cellular technologies. We can advise you on your needs based on how much bandwidth you need, different types of antenna arrangements, plus the use of more advanced technologies, for example:

  • Secure VPN to protect your data

  • Data Bonding to aggregate multiple SIM cards together

  • WAN Smoothing to guarantee your most important applications and most sensitive data are given highest priority through the cellular networks


The yacht IT network acts as the core for the communication of data between devices and equipment onboard and externally to the internet. 

From emails, video streaming, to conference calls your IT network must be carefully designed with the amount of internal and external data transfer needed, hardware redundancy, bandwidth management, network security and remote support.

Our expertise ranges from small office home office, mid-size business to enterprise networks. We provide routing, switching wireless, SD WAN and Firewall & Network security solutions and can customise a network design for you based on your exact requirements. Contact us for a site survey.

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Sat-Elite Palma Mallorca
Sat-Elite Superyacht Communications Mallorca

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